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Advancing has never been easier.

Specifically tailored to Festival Promoters, Artist Liaisons and Production Managers, is the single source of truth for your advance.

A revolutionary centralised communication tool that also acts as a real-time tour book, allows you to seamlessly manage the relationship with the artist.

Artist Info

Track every aspect of production and hospitality riders as well as marketing and touring info - managing all the artists information in one easy to use platform.

By having the power to approve or reject documents, is the single source of truth. No more dropbox, no more spreadsheets and best of all no more confusion.


With live updating, becomes your real time tour book, allowing your artists to stay up to date with any show day changes. Show Day communication has never been so simple.


Automated email reminders take the legwork out of chasing up essential touring info. collates what is missing for you and alerts the artist - without you having to lift a finger.


Streamline the accreditation process by using fully customisable forms. Upload the minimum info required and let do the rest.

Custom Forms

Create customisable forms for any aspect of your festival to suit your needs. Incredibly helpful for gathering tour party info, accreditation info, press bios and so much more.


BASIC US$239/year

One day festival in a
single location

    One day festival
    Single location
    Simple Accreditation
    Full tech support
PRO US$309/year

Multi day festival in a
single location

    Multi day festival
    Single locations
    Advanced accreditation
    Full Tech Support
PREMIUM US$579/year

Multi day festival in
multiple locations

    Multi day festival
    Mulitple locations
    Advanced accreditation
    Full Tech Support

All prices in USD.

If your festival doesn't match with any of our price packages we can create a custom package tailored to suit exactly what you need. Contact us today to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

My festival is very specific and doesn't fit in with your pricing plan. Can I still use

Yes. We know that no two festivals are ever the same. Each festival platform must be setup by our support team so that it can be tailored to exactly what you need. Contact us today as we would love to chat about your event - drop us an email at [email protected].

I manage a live music venue not a festival, could be suitable for me?

Yes! Venues and Festivals although very different beasts can come with some similar problems. We are currently beta testing our Venue version with a number of live music venues. If you would like a venue demo please contact us today.

I don't want my artists to upload their information. Can I do it for them?

Absolutely. You have complete control to devolve all responsibility to the artist, or to upload the information yourself. You may already have the information on file and can upload on their behalf so everything is in one simple place.

Can I see a demo?

Absolutely. We can do a live demo of no matter where you are. Because of its simplicity, our demos take no longer than 20 minutes and afterwards you are given a login to play around in the demo version as much as you like.

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